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Anger Management

Anger Management

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If you would like to pay in class please select "Reserve my Seat and Pay in Class" at checkout. You can pay with cash, check, Zelle, Venmo or credit/debit card. You may pay for each module as you progress through the course for $12 each.

The Anger Management Curriculum is divided into twelve Modules. The first, Getting Started, introduces anger (and anger problems). What is anger? How do people typically deal with their anger? What s the difference between healthy and unhealthy anger? All these questions are answered carefully, with an eye to the reality that anger is a complex topic and that no two people s anger are exactly alike.

The second module describes what happens inside our brains when we become upset and how the newer parts of our brain can help us control our more primitive reactions. We also summarize the most exciting topic of brain study, namely how we can consciously change its internal structure by strongly and repeatedly focusing upon what we want to do and how we want to think.

The third module is entitled Anger Awareness. Making use of your imagination and creativity to help you better understand and handle your anger.

The fourth module teaches Calming Techniques, including a wide range of exercises such as diaphragmatic breathing, body relaxation and meditation.

Module Five describes how shame, often hidden from conscious awareness, may be the single greatest cause of a person s excessive anger.

Modules Six and Seven cover the essential anger management topics of altering dysfunctional thinking and learning how to be less critical and more accepting of others.

Modules Eight and Nine deal with conflict management and assertiveness training. These skill-focused chapters, along with the last unit entitled Practical Solutions are full of specific ways to share feelings, ask for what is wanted, and protect your interests, while staying in control of behavior at the same time.

Module Ten describes stress reduction techniques.

Finally, Module Eleven is about Mindfulness. The module describes what mindfulness is, how it can help with anger, and how to get started practicing mindfulness meditation techniques.

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