What can you do to be prepared for a medical emergency?

To be prepared for a medical emergency, you can:

  1. Know your medical history and important health information, such as medications, allergies, and existing conditions.

  2. Keep important contact information and medical documents easily accessible, such as the contact information of your doctor, health insurance information, and a list of your current medications.

  3. Have a basic first-aid kit in your home and in your car.

  4. Learn CPR and other lifesaving skills.

  5. Keep your mobile phone charged and with you at all times, and consider carrying a backup power source.

  6. Know the location of the nearest hospital and the quickest route to get there.

  7. Make sure your loved ones know how to reach you and how to access your medical information in case of an emergency.

  8. Consider carrying a personal emergency identification (ID) device, such as a MedicAlert ID, that provides critical medical information to first responders in an emergency.