AED Brands

Heartsine AED Units:

Heartsine aed unit

Heartsine AEDs are celebrated for their accuracy, user-friendliness, and compact design. Crafted to equip both experts and everyday individuals in addressing cardiac crises promptly, these devices are structured to provide a vital shock at crucial moments. This can potentially reestablish regular heartbeats and preserve lives.


Philips AED Units:

Philips Heart Start Onsite AED IMG 2821 2

Philips AED units are at the forefront of innovation, featuring cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design. These devices are equipped with advanced features, clear voice prompts, and seamless integration, making them a trusted choice for a wide range of settings, from workplaces to public spaces.

Zoll AED Units:

Zoll AED unit

Zoll AEDs have earned a reputation for consistent dependability, especially during intense emergency scenarios. With their robust and enduring design, many professionals and institutions seeking top-tier cardiac emergency equipment turn to Zoll. Rely on Zoll AEDs to deliver when the stakes are high.



Cardiac Science AED Units:

Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 IMG 2806 CUTOUT

Cardiac Science is synonymous with advancing cardiac care through innovation. Their AED units feature intuitive operation and rapid shock delivery, offering a vital lifeline to individuals facing sudden cardiac arrest. Cardiac Science AEDs are designed with the end goal of improving survival rates during critical moments.

Defibtech AED Units:

Defibtech Lifeline AED IMG 2811 CUTOUT

Defibtech AED units are renowned for their user-friendly simplicity. These devices are engineered for use by both trained professionals and untrained bystanders, featuring straightforward operation and clear visual and auditory guidance. With Defibtech AEDs, you can trust in their ease of use during emergencies.


Physio Control AED Units:

Cardiac Science CR2

Physio Control AED units represent pioneering solutions in cardiac emergency response. With a legacy of innovation, these AEDs are equipped with advanced technologies that prioritize effective defibrillation. Physio Control AEDs empower responders with the tools needed to make a life-saving difference.